Make Your Life Better

Did ja know? How to make your life better? About anythings in this world you dreamed such us you wanna be a good musician, pilot, professor, etc. It can be true. Before we stepped far, i wanna ask something, what did ja imagine how the better life is? Maybe you imagine that the better life is like you have a very good job which is produce many money and you be the richest people in the world. And the second, you think the better life is you marry girl tahat you want, the rich and beautiful girl. You also think if you marry,  you will get many son and daughters who you are happily life with them. But now, it’s that the better life? No, it’s not all. If you think where the better life placed is in the afterlife.

The better life is if we can got the better in the world and the world, the better life is if we can get a happy life is all. But the better life in the world doesn’t enough. Many people feel stressed because they only think about they happily life. They cannot do that. They need religion aspect which is contain how to be the better life after. It’s very sensatinal that we can get all the better in the world. But actually, many people doesn’t get all their want. What should they do?

They cannot ended their life which drink such as dangerous drug, toxic, killed their body. Actually they can get what they want to be, but maybe the God still try them are they are ready for that? So, they must pay a hard effort, be patient, alwasy sent grace to God to help us to realize what we are wanna be. The “effort + grace = better life”. Because of that cases, so we must pretend ourselves to do anythings effort for reach better life. What should we do then? Then the first, you must prepare the things that you need for better life. Then you must plan the advantages and the dangerous than. Third, if the advantages one is bigger than the dangerous one, so do it! You must believe on yourself and don’t doubt!

One things note for you, if you wanna do it easy, don’t be so doubt by yourselves. And making many good relationship is very important for you. Why? Because if you have many friends, many people will help you. Did ja believe it?

And the last things that you need is be the positive act and thinking and alwasy spirit. Ok ikhbarian! I think its all my opinion about thistopic right now, i say thanks so much for your attention. Good Express Your Creativity!


By : Muhammad Abdul Fatah Zulkarnaen

Siswa XI B SMA Ar-Risalah Kota Kediri Jawa Timur

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